Crazy facts about the nun

Prayer Mantis incredibly creative. In this article we will learn more about these insects on steroids, which make the alien instead of a movie about astronaut to become tame. Find out what Hunters can do to prepare you for inspiration with a wide range of invertebrates. Pretend you are a flower, eat birds or fishing, weird mantysy.

10. These are birds

Pray hunters Bogomolov. In fact, they can do some wild and nutritious extraction and cocoa flavor, which is incredibly rare for the virus – even very large. The power and speed of praying Mantis allow endless calls to be made, far exceeding many species of game. Did you know that these insects kill and kill birds, bats, mice and frogs? Mantis – a bird, and it is not a traumatic event, and on a large scale. Mantis registration – is the practice of predicting bird insects on all terrains, except Antarctica.

National Geographic summarizes the work with Wilson’s ornithological mantys magazine 147 species, which are birds in 13 different countries. terrible attack hit man-nun, who prayed 12 and 24. hummingbirds – famous hunters, regardless of speed, because they are the most successful in climbing because of their small size. The way I feed you Mantis, usually alarming, starting from the head. Caliber of long head and brain full of hungry clothes. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology concludes that a well-known practice of buying and issuing pest control pests should be more cautious, especially for large pieces, which pose a serious threat to birds.

9. Some look like flowers

In the known representations Bogomolov considered green, but their means of camouflage that the evolution is remarkable. For example, some of the world’s most creative and hot dancers are looking for a flower, like a flower in bloom.

You need to find Mantis orchid Hymenopus coronatus, to be believed. This could be the worst case of anger imitation on the planet. Mantysy orchids are not masked to lay flowers. The truth is very wrong. Instead, they look like a flower, although very delicate, but hunt more often than real flowers, and can kill more.

A native of the northeastern jungles of Southeast Asia, the orchid nun was not found incredible, but has been studied and studied in depth in navigation history. During a visit to West Java in 1879, travel writer James Hingstan thought he found carnivorous plants, which described Bogomolov as praying, as follows (nothing too clever against the “truth” of dead insects): “In my garden I have my other master, with flowers, red flowers, which catches and feeds flies, becomes a butterfly I started it and marked in his cup, but died like a puppet dressed in a net. ”

8. The size of the food

So, the blanket love life is not about happiness forever. Usually, it’s more like: “I love you, I got married to you, and then I ate it.” Common communication to prayer found in the lab rather than in the wild, but there is still a natural cause of the behavior. By consuming food for human consumption, you can get the nutritional value of what helps to produce a box of eggs, which means that even if you eat, a person can enjoy the success of improved reproduction by offering their own dietary gifts. . Women can be of great benefit.

A study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B shows that female habits produce 51 more eggs than those who treat their partners more effectively. 51 once the cell is an increase of 25 percent compared to the normal weight of the eggs. In addition, the characteristics of people are more strongly represented in the boy, who was a partner of colleagues. Why? Consuming a woman means that cells and eggs stop with 17.7 percent more human amino acids and related genes that make you “live” stronger in the next generation.

7. Dead leaf deaths

death sheet, it can be a bottom. Not at all. The leaves that remain on the forest floor in East Asian jungles may be dead leaves inside their natural places, in Deroplatys share, a kind called Dead Leaf Mantis. This type of worship service is equipped with all the great search clothes and gospel weapons, it is futile, but it has disadvantages that turn green. Even the tears and wrinkles on the paper left in the copy. Chest is easier than usual, while the wings are straight and flat. Paleo childhood should have us. Then the rotting leaves appear and stems, such as fungi and mold. Finally, a vein, a letter in the weak culture, feathers the wings, then spreads on the prey, which makes them less visible than the grass, it is too late, too much.

Under all the tricks on the front legs are sharp sticks, which are very good for hitting production in shock. Mantis is difficult to breed in captivity, and unlike many of the creatures that are often contained, it is very gentle to their needs, especially in humid and cold conditions.

6. They develop in a crazy degree

Bogomolov prays, especially Bogomolov, can reach great lengths or weights. Some predictors are different because of their wealth and are usually large, but not too big. Other thin Mantis, but have a durability standard. Rombadery native sea mantis can be up to 5 centimeters in length, which gives them a great hunting advantage. But they are shorter compared to the wardrobe.

Mantis stick is not very small, but you can make for a fabulous finish just under 8 inches, possibly more. Representatives of the genus Toxodera – giant, Riddle zhuravlyanyya who take care of Asian habitats. In Africa, the large mantysy Stan from the native Geterohety can be over six inches. These are serious “mistakes.”

5. Their vision is unique and fantastic

The attacks have an incredible generation affecting not only the insects of the world, but also unique in the animal kingdom. In a study published in the journal Current Biology, she explained that the nun has a great advantage in hunting, which requires the deep scientific attachment of shakes in different ways. The Mantis appearance involves a certain type of local 3D visualization, especially junk food, because of their large eyes, which have become the focus of many studies. Part of the evolutionary nature of the animal – a vision that many mammals (including humans) and the prestige of owls associated with, but mantysy challenged for two reasons.

Otherwise, the virus with progressive views only rarely found. Secondly, the type of stereoscopic view in different mantys. People will notice two static images, with a few differences, as a single, three-dimensional image through stereoscopic, but moving mantysy visualization, depending on the stereoscopic image. Information about moving objects transformed into a three-dimensional image, while non-neruhovyya objects omitted. Studying how a nun saw the placement of small 3D Glasses on their faces, which allows scientists to calculate their thinking skills by using the “film” with their prey.

4. These are related to digging times and cockroaches

A nun seems to be in the classroom. But they are connected, snorting, a cock and a clip. Mantysy belong to the order of Mantoda and rooster and bottom of the Order – the Order of the Blatode. Both placed in the Super-Dictyoptera, which in the English Dictionary means “middle wings.”

The forms can be at the opposite ends of the human spectrum, but the food relationship is their own, due to the “middle part” anatomy of different, but closely related groups.

3. They go on a fishing trip

Yeah, it’s happening. Ants rest for anyone jumping on a fishing trip? The author, having a history of taking care of the blanket and the guppy, was surprised to find that she believed in the nun could be fish, namely the guppy. research journal Journal of Orthoptera, published Mantis reports that glorified the collection guppy, known as fishermen of small bodies of water, before they existed together.

chief investigator of Italian anthropologist Roberto Batystan commented on the history of the nun, the author of colleague Nivek Manzhunat posted pictures of mantises of Asian giant eating fish for the first time made the ecologist Razhesham Puttasvamiyay, who spent the share of insects in predatory fish. on the roof in Karnataka India. The authors of the study followed the pond on further efforts to anticipate and find that many of the risks were associated with successful outcomes for the hungry Mantis. Fishing serves mantys the ability to learn and innovate when they find food.

2. They support Kung Fu

Some of the most popular Kung Fu movements in northern China’s Shandong Province and other forms of Kung Fu in southern China’s Hakka people came straight from praying mantises, which are often found in China, but hackers – Chinese warm up. Bogomolov. The four base Kung Fu mantle comes from a long Shaolin Kung Fu Wong student in the 17th century. He led a real fight with his elder, monk Feng, who often spoke with him in training.

Because he wants to improve their kung fu skills, he has valuable insects in the insect world, which play a vital role in Kung Fu reconstruction. Feng traveled to China for three years, and during this time Wong witnessed the successful attack on the crickets virus, praying pragolami using agility and a difficult attack to calm him down. Wong was not only pursued, but then fought Bogomolov stick and hit counterattacks. Mantis behavior are considered, and then transferred to the closely related conflict movement marked Wong noted. Wong then divides the necessary movements on the basis of 12 characters. Wong, the monkeys, when Feng returns victories.

1. Their name – the names of the prophets

What is the common name of “Mantis Pray”? But the common name Bogomolov used to refer to more than 2500 species of these insects is essentially a two-part religion. Prayer refers to the elaboration of the mantle, which prays over your prey, which is like a man in the act of prayer. The aggressive nature of the ant often leads to interpreting the name as “Mantis Legend”, but this is the most misunderstood.

Data and Mantyd Mantys derived from Greek. Mantykos – the Greek word for prophet or owner. The Greek root name was chosen in 1838 by the German-Argentine zoologist Karl Hermann Conrad Burmeysteram. The ants have received a number of special forces in a number of cultural societies and enjoy the level of respect that humans rarely give animals. The Latin name of the European nun, Mantis religiosa, is a further proof of the spiritual evolution of these important species.

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