Difficult living conditions in ancient Egypt

For many years we have heard of the ancient Egyptian fame and its technological wonders. Countless movies, articles, games, and other media are talking about how ancient and strange aliens have attributed them to almost all of the technology and magic you might think. But the fact is, for the people of Ancient Egypt, it was not as wonderful as we represent them, and many people think that it is we who live like kings.

10. Dental problems are among the most common; Sand grain bread may have played a role

Many times, if you hear ancient Egypt, you will hear about all the unknown unknowns that are worth it. They were known to favor one of the original cultures, which they also used in toothpaste and then in cosmetics. This can give people the impression that the ancient invaders of Egypt had the best teeth in the ancient world, which suggests that the sugar in the diet was not so good now, but the fact that in Egypt old, they had good teeth and their new ones were probably due to necessity.

The ancient Egyptians lived in a very sandy environment, as we all know because they were the best security technology or we all stood out from other cleaners and things that we have today, in the sand, that was almost all what they had and they couldn’t get rid of it. For this reason, the people of ancient Egypt always had something to eat, especially their bread, it was a common thing that they ate. This, combined with the constant use of beer (or wine, if it was rich) and a diet rich in sweet days or honey (and, if they were rich), led to very serious problems. still trying to find solutions.

9. Make-up based on aid in the fight against infections, but also causing damage

In many ancient societies, it is known that they use cosmetics gradually, but now many cultures are shaking their heads badly, to learn recently, since lead poisoning must be applied effectively on the skin. And many have felt even happier or bored that the tradition is usually to use it only for decoration, trying to get the beautiful black look of the world in their eyes. However, although the ancient Egyptians may not have been the first to know that lead was toxic, they discovered that a mixture, they are mixed, especially of lead people, can help fight infection eyepieces, which is common among the ancient Egyptians. progressive sand in the eyes and diseases of the Nile.

The ancient Egyptian Louvre was found to sample containing advanced lead compounds capable of increasing nitric oxide in human skin cells, which significantly increases the body’s metabolism, which is useful in fighting against infections. Certain elements came to mind, which means that many medical scientists from ancient Egypt almost went into the creation of this medical personnel. Unfortunately, they couldn’t even tell when the lead had caused all the other health problems.

8. To take care of people and lice, he had to throw his whole body away

In ancient Egypt, it was very hot, and at that time, people did not have all the water in the shower, and they did not have modern air conditioning (even though they prefer to believe in l ‘old universe). Besides, they did not have modern or modern medicine, which we do today. Therefore, it is important to find a way to keep yourself cool, to avoid diseases, easy to clean and to avoid harmful insects such as lice. As a result, many ancient Egyptians shave their heads completely, and many sources say they always cleanse the whole body – not just women.

Especially since all the women, who read this and know that it shaves more than their faces, it is hard to imagine that it should be the same for all those who lived in ancient Egypt. Regular shaving of the whole body without modern tools and to prevent infections and scratches on the skin had become a problem. Many people also think that it will look fashionable, since many women are on the head, but in fact, they wore wigs – especially in high school. Among the pharaohs, of course, decorated with a gold blanket that can hide and show themselves with their cattle and their energy.

7. The ancient Egyptians had to worry about the hippopotamus, which sailed by boat

Many ignore that the animal, which is the annual lethal weapon in Africa (the most dangerous species on the continent!), Was not even a hunter in ancient times. It is about teaching a horse, your favorite American children, despite his aggressive attitude and his formidable army. Hippos – the only creatures that enraged Steve Irwin, we carefully crossed the river with his sailors, while softening, instead of playing with them.

Now that they can no longer live in the Nile, they, yes, in ancient Egypt, and are sometimes perceived with terrible signs of danger. They could easily boat and drag people under them and use them, and because of the great violence, they could kill people with large mouths and teeth, although they would not be interesting to eat with. They know evil to kill even Pharaoh. Although there are many theories about how the king died here, the most recent opinion suggests that the moment of his death was bitten by a hippo while hunting for the hippopotamus. Supporting this myth is the fact that Pharaoh suffered from ribs and mummified heartless and without part of the chest wall, which, as some belief, may confirm the idea that the king was killed during the most dangerous hunt of wild pigs in Africa.

6. Pharaohs generally had bad teeth, heart disease, and obesity

Now, some might think that the Pharaohs, a wealthy and wealthy man, would have better access to food and better life than other Egyptians. It’s pretty easy to believe since the wealthy Egyptians are used to having lots of access to meat, vegetables, and the possibilities in a variety of foods. In general, the works of art have shown that pharaohs were a good way. However, data on actually dried corpses shows that the pharaohs were the most obese and least nutritious men, and died young, even in their time, especially for those who had spent all their money and had access to the best medical care. the state.

The fact that pharaohs have almost all the power can be demanding, and often when they return to the throne, they are young, even by age standards around the world. Since there was no mention of moderation, many of these nutritious foods consisted of honey, wine and strong drinks (or both) and bread. Such combinations of carbohydrates, alcohol, and pure sugars have resulted in serious dental problems, blockage of blood vessels, and other obesity-related cardiovascular problems in the pharaohs. The data also showed that most fat eaters eat the same way, if they did, probably because they don’t fully understand the health consequences, so even if you are an ancient Egyptian, you have likely suffered from many health problems due to poor health. The food.

5. Crocodile manure has its alkaline properties used as spermitsydu

Today we have the voice of many modern contraceptive options. There are pills that women take regularly to prevent pregnancy, we have a lot of options for condoms (which have improved considerably since the day they were made out of sheepskin), there are others things, like the diaphragm, to prevent pregnancy from spermicides. However, if they live in ancient Egypt, you may have to face a very complicated procedure to avoid pregnancy.

Look, in ancient Egypt, they see Lippi silicone or modern spermitsydy, but they wanted something like that, and so they mixed with crocodile milk and threw it out of the paste, which then been brought to the female organ to make a jam. Some researchers believe that it will always be disgusting and unnatural if it works well because the crocodile contains elements that contain alkaline fertilizers – which makes spermitsydu more suitable. However, no one can know if you are working, as it would not only be an unethical experiment, but it would be completely disgusting.

4. they were not in prison, so severe penalties

In ancient Egypt, they don’t have long in prison, which we have now, because you can feel productive. Taking someone to bring food and other things to a cell, not a job, will be futile, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know sin. When convicted of a crime, he usually commits severe kicking, kicking or other serious corporal punishment before shooting. And of course, fines have sometimes been imposed.

However, part of the history of ancient Egypt has been confused for many years as to whether it was taken with extreme punishment – in the end, we have books, our time should be stupid rules that you couldn’t go to court. One of the most obvious is that beyond the extreme or violent crime that you are not subject to death, you can still suffer 100 blows and “five injuries”.

Although there have been such strange editors, researchers studying relativism were not convinced that this was true, they found the bones, which has been confirmed recently by at least some people, unfortunately, as well as Punishment – although we will never know the details of their cases. Experts say the bone marrow and scars on his back were inflicted with a lance, and the sewage was skillfully fabricated so that they could live and work on farms.

3. Compulsory suicide can sometimes be a punishment for a crime

In fact, at the time of the murder of a former Egyptian, it was rare to even when he was not in prison – people simply do not see the need to kill each other, this is often the only reason why he killed another. However, if someone is killed, it can be much more difficult than you, depending on what you did. If you feel that you are too angry and that I have sinned enough, you can get burned or hurt yourself – two ways that could take you if you don’t have a good time.

In some cases, however, you may be punished with a suicide order (perhaps you are still dead if you refuse). One such case was a perverse conspiracy against the pharaoh Ramses III. Several conspirators did not have to commit suicide and some were killed and one of the young players had his nose and ears cut off. A former Egyptian historian of scholars who have jointly examined texts on this subject and other attempts at forced suicide attempted to find one, and one of the reasons why he was chosen to be killed.

2. In the diet, the women of ancient Egypt had not changed and the lack of food was becoming common

As mentioned before, with the Pharaohs it was good and bad food, but you have to talk about popular everyday foods. Although some vysokaklasniki could make more regular meat and vegetables (although we know that some people decided to eat junk food anyway), ordinary people did not have such an option. Most of the ancient Egyptians also did not have access to meat, except in special circumstances and did not have to eat these vegetables regularly.

Most ancient Egyptian foods are mainly bread and usually add figs or dates and honey if they can do so. Common people drank too much beer and people often drank wine. This has led to all kinds of errors in nutrition – especially with iron, since they have virtually no source of iron, or even as many sources contain real protein. And the truth is, no matter how much you try to eat, except that they are rich, the food you eat is so uneven that it is so varied that even when approaching a good nutritional balance, especially to the right.

1. Ancient Egyptians had to worry There are many types of parasitic worms

In the days of the ancient Egyptians, there was no other form of action we have today (this article is not spansiruetstsa Nike … but it would be, Phil Knight! Call us!), And foot problems were common. Walking on the sand on foot was not great, and most people only had basic sandals. But the most difficult was the agreement when we came here to work on the water. When they entered the water, did work or simply because someone was playing, they risked the shystasmamalnym caterpillar between their feet in their body, then the internal organs would rise. It also often weakens their bodies, making it much easier to injure or kill themselves.

And what’s worse, you may find yourself like the appearance of a seaworm from dirty water to drink. Then, the caterpillar will feed by lifting the limbs and injuring the bottom so that it can bring the eggs to the right place. You can also get old simple bars, which can cause iron deficiency of vitamins, allergies, and any other strange symptom. Maybe we should use some sort of magical “old technology” and make them more protective shoes.

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