Here are 10 ideas on climate change

Today, many scientists and world leaders, climate change is considered to be the biggest problem in the world. If you believe that this is caused by man, family or collective ways, so many more people at this moment have accepted that our community is on the road, which complicates our life – and in particular, to make it good – on this earth . Not all that official scientific information or even official information from big energy companies. Instead, some believe that something else is going on, and they must present the truth.

10. Some theorists believe that our greenhouse gases can speak to hostile aliens

In a scientific article, Penn State, some scientists associated with NASA, studying the different ways in which some aliens look down on us, or even look, regardless of whether they are good for humans. An interesting article in the Bulletin – that a good reason to prevent our greenhouse gases was avoided to explore energy and strengthen control from external information.

The likelihood of strangers seeing our greenhouse gases grow as evidence that our culture is rapidly breaking down and is quickly becoming a threat. More hostile cultures may decide to eliminate it, and even more peaceful cultures may decide that our own progress must somehow. Therefore, it is unlikely that these principles will appeal retsenzantav from around the world to make a choice in favor of more green energy.

9. The government is using Chemtrails to stop the effects of global climate change

Often there are liberal writers who complain about state control, using secrecy. But soon they became considered as good and growing governance. Many himtreyda theorists also believe that what they find is not exactly the type of aircraft, and that the government is to do, but they do it because we want to save the world.

Yes! Now, many theorists believe that the government offers the opportunity to try to slow down or change the effects of climate change and ultimately to change it. However, the government does not want you to know, that the government is doing everything in secret, and no one is doing it for your business. Although this idea is very unlikely and there is no evidence that the government is doing anything, of course, this is a step further than believing that the government is trying to do everything innocent … or … something? Yes, we are not sure what theorists say about the chemical path.

8. Climate change – that’s all about nature and governments and scientists are lying

Some people believe that every climate change we will see is a part of life that takes place on Earth. For these people, it is ostentatious for us to believe that humanity can do enough to maintain a climate in the end, all of which should be too much nonsense. Some of these people simply believe that all scientists are hesitant today, while others are convinced that the large-scale expansion of thousands of scientists – is still part of the equation.

Thus, some have asked why such coverage would be. Finally, even if climate change will be in vain or not, it will be of benefit to everyone to stay alive. Theoreticians all understand this. They believe that the government wants everyone to live in green, without renewable energy sources, because they are easy to operate in this way. Finally, they all talk about climate change made by the Government, just trying to catch their breath. After all, as we all know, if you do not have to Humera, they are not free.

7. Aliens make it impossible to reconcile the world slowly and take over

Although many people believe that aliens are here to study us, separate us, help us, most people will not spend so much time fighting the enemy’s invasion. And on the rare occasion to see this theoretical expectation, often in the form of a great invasion. However, there are a few deeper discoveries that come to a new conclusion: the bloody Innocent line, which also shaped the world in its details – is the best way.

Gradually, the climate change map using their secret technologies of extraterrestrial actions, foreign field experts on our planet can be used for their own people, but in a way that we wonder if we can provoke. If you are after a few generations, you do not know about us, they can come and take life, and all our resources will be theirs. In this scenario, it is not necessary to get your hands dirty and deal directly with us. For the most part it will be without bloodshed – except that they cause a slow and complete destruction of all our species.

6. Oil companies know how bad things are and knowingly cover up

While large oil and other dirty energy companies may be thinking about a certain degree of constant change in our weather, there are many factors that need to be considered. To begin with, especially in recent years, our understanding of actual abuses of power is not quite where we are today. Some of them are concerned about the oil economy and things like that, but it’s more because people are concerned about drying than the impact on the environment. Recently, almost no coverage, because science has become more common, but some theorists think it has more.

Some theorists believe that upper-class members of all major classes produce oils and cocoa have been known for decades to deteriorate the pipeline. It may not need some kind or amount of damage, but close enough. Although they know what they do with the environment, they still go on and do it at full speed, and the rest is very dirty and heart. Not surprisingly, the more obvious this principle becomes.

5. This wind energy equipment due to high oil (and parallel forces)

The force is sometimes controversial. It takes a long time for a limited return, and some people complain to the detriment of the persistent local driver who you can listen to and even voluntarily just forget about his block. The last – is a small fee for the net effect of justice, if you ask us. Although for some reason, this argument is well understood, some people find serious problems with wind power. They believe that wind power can be much easier and more efficient, and that wind farms can work on it in full (or almost full), possibly with a small amount of solar energy to supplement it.

In fact, they are convinced that the technology is already available (or close enough) and has undermined, and the government is not willing to provide funding for research – or simply to stop it publicly. They believe that sea oil and others will pay a lot of money from the government to avoid too expensive air because it would destroy their civilization on the energy market.

4. Climate change is not necessary because life in a certain way ends

While some believe that climate change is a natural person, rather than a human, while others think it is quite natural … but this is not a human being. These people believe that climate change is real and caused by God, because the beginning of the end of the world is coming slowly. Some people claim to have heard in the air tube, or other strange noises, and there are many who point to biblical prophecy and trying to fit in today – though people have always been present in history.

For some climate change – it is only God preparing it to the end of the day. It is already being used to create a climate suitable for a final decision, as well as the elimination of the bad, and to see how people react to false prophecies and all the other things. While most people who do not believe the world will end, there will always be people who adhere to it, and some believe that the bad weather is just a sure sign that it is now possible to repent better because of the end of the year. To draw near.

3. We live in a simulation, and climate change – it’s simply a system that eliminates confusion

Believe it or not, some people believe in the forum for simulation, in which we are in a situation similar to “Matrix” or the fact that we are fully human beings. While many believe that these ridiculous puzzles, others, such as Elon Musk or Neil Degras Taysson, consider it a useful option. For those who believe that we live in simplicity, it is reasonable to assume that there is no external universe and that our world is ultimately determined by the people who create them.

Now, according to this theory, modeling becomes overloaded (physically), possibly in the Matrix-Matrix, and they need a way to make a lot of people look very native. Accidents are natural, but at the same time it is too fast, it can confuse people and save them from the stairs in the Matrix and the mitigating damage of the slow environment, which, in our opinion, allowed us while the plan of the devil to kill millions – and probably billions – is empty.

2. Climate change caused by nuclear tests actually caused damage

A significant part of the population does not know how many nuclear weapons have died worldwide. Although Hiroshima and Nagasaki – it’s also the only time civilians have been used, literally thousands of nuclear tests since then, with more than half a dozen different modes, and most bombs are much larger than found. in Japanese cities. Some theorists believe that governments around the world are indecent or ignorant of the reality of reality and society, which has been caused by so many nuclear tests.

Repeatedly splitting the atom, they send, we will, in fact, find thousands of real hands. It can even create different visual effects, from which we can get in one of thousands (or millions now) of different time lines. Environment most often undiminished by the release of transmission in society, and the incredible expense of reality as a whole has undergone all nuclear tests. For these theorists, we live in a strange foreign film, and we don’t know yet.

1. Government, popular leaders in the field of climate protection

Now, to a certain extent, it is not fully cooked. The government has been equipping someone else for nuclear weapons protection, no matter how they did not pass the test, and there are also citizens and different levels of items in their private areas. However, some believe that something is happening at a higher level than what might be seen in some of the most expensive caves.

Some theorists have been convinced that for decades the government has maintained a network of deep, completely safe public roads for nuclear contamination or climate change. Believers believe that these bases are registered throughout the country, and that the “elite” will be available in emergencies. They are fully equipped with weapons, drugs, technologies, and just about every deal you can imagine. Conspiracy theorists who believe in it, do not make illusions and myths, but they often have to do with writing their own pubs to conform to the celebrity ideals of the world that once were.

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