Sensor Tower: Genshin Impact Raises Nearly $ 400 Million on Mobile in Two Months

Sensor Tower: Genshin Impact Raises Nearly $ 400 Million on Mobile in Two Months

Genshin sure has an impact on the bottom line of MiHoYo.

Mobile analytics company Sensor Tower said today that Genshin Impact raised an estimated $ 393 million in the first two months after launching September 28. However, the company also found that its second month spending didn't keep up with the first month ($ 245 million).

The free, open-world role-playing game is available for iOS and Android, but also for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. And it runs on the PlayStation 5 too.

For a couple of weeks, Genshin captured (and cherished) the gaming zeitgeist $ 245 million in the issues in the first month), with the Zelda: Breath of the Wild-esque game that inspires countless discussions on social media and generates numerous streams and videos on Twitch and YouTube. Along with Between us and Fall guysGenshin showed how games with social elements can thrive in a time when people are staying home to avoid COVID-19. Named Google Play Genshin Impact is the Game of the Year 2020.

It also shows that mobile gamers are hungry for better RPGs that can rival those on PC or console … or live on all three platforms.

Success is global, something that has not yet happened in other mobile role-playing games.

"Genshin Impact is the only mobile RPG that did so well this early in its release. Of course, we don't count China's third-party Android stores," Sensor Tower's Randy Nelson said in an email. “There are others who have done very well, but these successes are often region-specific, as we see with the Lineage games in South Korea or the various Tencent mobile MMOs in China. What makes Genshin Impact stand out is that it has performed so well internationally and its performance is even rarer among mobile titles made in China. ”

According to Sensor Tower, Genshin Impact was the second largest mobile game in terms of revenue generation in the world, trailing only Tencent's money-making powerhouse Honor of Kings (think League of Legends but on smartphones and tablets). The company estimates Genshin Impact has made more than $ 6 million a day since launch.

And it's not going well just because of the pandemic.

“… The game certainly owes its early success to an outstanding marketing effort, which is supported by its outstanding presentation. There's really no other mobile game like it, visually or playfully, ”said Nelson. “It excelled early on in its development because of this, and also because it was a multiplatform game of this caliber, made by a Chinese developer. The combination of promotion and production value really made it inevitable and made it popular with the hardcore community who needed it to be successful from the start. Gamers are not used to coming across free-to-play titles of this caliber on every platform.

And, unsurprisingly, China is Genshin's largest player spending market at $ 120 million, or 30.5% of the two-month figure. Japan (another region with a mobile first player base) ranks number 2 at about $ 98 million (about 25%). The US ranks third at $ 74 million (18.8%) and fourth in South Korea.

The one region that it doesn't cover: Europe. "So far there has not been much expenditure from Europe. Germany is the largest market in Germany there and only accounts for around 2.4% of gaming sales," said Nelson.

For funders, iOS turned out to be the bigger platform, bringing in an estimated $ 226 million, or 57.5%.

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