Surprising facts about mental health problems

10. People with disabilities have the lowest suicide rate

The medicine defined mental retardation may seem like a very bad thing. But there is an interesting conclusion, and that it is something that people with disabilities commit fewer suicides than certain people. Maybe fewer rumors about everyday problems? Koefitsyent suicide is a source of high mortality and significant health care issues. In 2016, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported 45,000 suicide cases in the US alone. Veterans Author and entrepreneur John Senior Robisan scientist on neraznastaynastsi said in an article published in the journal Psychology Today that the rate of suicide among the population of people with mental disabilities or other serious mental disorders is significantly lower than the national average.

Reverse corresponds to the significance of suicides among the mentally gifted population. Many talented and very talented people motivated by major depression with high intellectual ability and high sensitivity. As a result, unnecessary losses occur to people of high intelligence and a high level of dissatisfaction with life. Intelligence is excellent, but to talk about it can be dangerous.

9. physical autism

Phrenology is malignant, but the fact is that some genetic or behavioral disorders are physical manifestations of any correlation. Remarkably, research suggests that facial features may indicate the presence of autism. Research published in the journal “Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders” led to a series of surprising findings, confirming some inconsistencies and different characteristics, which are strongly associated with the specific characteristics of autism, easily understood in the behavioral and neurological contexts.

First, the beams, which move in a different direction than the rest of the hair may be present in the affected persons, while the general symmetry of the human person is not sufficiently accurate and the percentage amount avtystychnyh populations. Presence has increased fame on the forehead and gives advice. Research findings, documented molecular autism, suggest that boys with autism have several symptoms that have not yet reached puberty. In particular, the 3D-imaging method used in the study found narrow cheeks, a short length of felt (separation between the nose and upper lip) and a narrower profile nose.

8. Disorder Factor

We are not talking about hypochondria, which needs no knowledge, because people get sick because of the constant fear and exaggeration. Instead, we call the situation bizarre, but the opposite. These people are at the beginning not very sick, and they certainly are not afraid to get sick. In this deep psychological desire to get sick, get sick, and it is a disease that is very difficult to treat.

The alarming fact is that two forms of real conditions are known to affect patients: one that can be called a form of well-being, and the other – may be a version of the state disorder – if the victim faces an innocent man. Or even to act and respond to the urgent desire to instill diseases and health problems related to livestock, which is then treated in this way, it seems. Actual violations account for about one hundred of the hospital cases, but the exact figures are elusive. A variety of warning signs observed by trained professionals who can testify to this disorder, including an extraordinary desire to discuss health issues with physicians, rich scars from surgery, and to avoid unnecessary psychiatrists.


7. Clover Syndrome Strange Things You Manage, But Politely

Sexuality and pleasure may be part of a typical human experience, but the KL├╝VER-Peaks syndrome sees in this address an incorrectly pronounced spelling. See in patients who develop strange behavior in the mouth, if the elements are located in the mouth. Extreme cases can also cause people to have books. Sexual delirium often occurs when Kluver-Peaks Syndrome seeks intimate interactions with inanimate objects, and so on. Kluwer-Bucci syndrome has also been associated with attention and attention problems, as well as the lack of normal reactions to anxiety and anger.

As a result, those who have most likely suffered from inappropriate or dangerous behavior, but they are not aggressive and dangerous, although their behavior can cause serious problems. Causes of various and unusual herpes encephalitis disorders – severe inflammation and brain swelling caused by the herpes virus – and head trauma associated with this phenomenon. Problems such as epileptic seizures and dementia, as well as the identification of objects and patterns can affect patients, except for abnormal problems with neematsyyanalnaga drinking behavior and sexual problems. This is the most unusual condition is rare, but quite specific in its constellation of symptoms.

6. Psychosis due to cannabis

Marijuana may be legal in some jurisdictions, but evidence suggests that high-capacity cannabis use contains chemical compounds that psychoanalyze, thus causing higher psychosis compared to non-user groups. There seems to be a very real risk of users disconnected from reality at THC. The study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, cites a study of 280 people who were cannabis users and compared the effects of more conventional cannabis use with strong cannabis use.

The results were very interesting and alarming and showed a significant correlation between the first occurrence of mental disorders and the use of strong cannabis. THC levels are significantly higher in cannabis use, with high capacity, used by research members who have experienced mental state. Increasing the use of stronger forms of cannabis, such as “skunk”, may generate interest for public health, especially in the field of mental health.

5. mental illness caused by man

Now, when a civilization changes so dramatically, it may come as a surprise when we see human-induced mental illness. Now on social media, there is a very real situation, which is called an anxiety disorder. And, as well as alcohol consumption can occur while driving in a state of intoxication when a disorder of social anxiety goes out of control, it can turn into a dependency on social media, which conflicts with driving on conditions. security, workplace, etc. Live a balanced life, even relatively healthy and capable. anxiety disorder in social media more associated with a social anxiety disorder in their characteristics and manifestations and is classified as a mental disorder. The condition causes patients to feel considerable stress when they cannot be similar to social media in their level of perceived needs, which can be extreme.

Serial account monitoring can lead to serious cases. This condition manifests as drug abuse and has several negative effects, including ironic anti-social behavior, including avoiding social contacts in the real world, compulsive accommodation and sharing on the phone. You always have a problem, to save yourself, from work and school work. Mentions about the application and even sensitive withdrawal symptoms that affect the mind and body. If the report cannot be verified for any reason, nervousness may occur in patients. Physical symptoms, including an overload of eyes, and excessive use may be accompanied by back pain, sore throat, and insomnia.

4. Abulmaniya

Do you think you are indecent? Think once while many of us describe ourselves by pressing the “indecision” key when faced with an abundance of beans in an Abulamaniya brand supermarket unable to decide Aeacus. The level, which characterizes abalomaniyu use as a mental handicap, is life-threatening indecision, this most serious option for patients to become a huge enterprise.

Although some mental health disorders are determined by the social behavior of the grandchildren, the actions performed by the persons affected by the abralaman may be unintentionally antisocial. Those who know the victim, who can be said to be constantly persecuted for the opinion, every day, asking everyone Vishal to decide on the Rangers. Others simply cannot do anything, and the patient may be required to ask from the person of choice. Researchers believe this is an enigmatic situation, but they believe that the lack of ability to make decisions is a potential factor in childhood. Also, problems with the invaginal bones, which affect the cerebral cortex of the frontal part of the brain that is responsible for opinions and views, can cause debt.

3. The most shocking eating disorder affects pregnant women and children.

EET discord. These are known and the impact on many of those who will model or competitors madelyaram Kunnen, which, of course, can become life-threatening. A variety of eating disorders continue to read more than usual starvation (anorexia nervosa), anorexia, bulimia, leading to an ENT and purification. Peak, which is said to be most of the world’s eating disorder countries, revolves around a bizarre and self-destructive tendency to eat inedible and applied inconsistently. The condition is often hidden and can be expressed by surgery, even after the excitement of hospitalization due to mysterious symptoms. Pregnant women who are most affected by Agarvy have a connection between the appearance of Cicero in poverty Sigmantsi.

Often the same category of items used repeatedly. In the fight with some minerals Cicero successfully faced the fact that the element or lack of food is a major cause of this condition. Peak patients can collect coins, cigarettes, even terrible – an extremely intense and deadly product, such as needles in the abdomen. Also, physically dangerous objects can be caught and toxic, such as lead disease.

2. Depression is misleading

Depression – a very common illness, but poorly understood to affect the mind and body. Interestingly it is given, although depression can be of different forms, taking into account a well-recorded speech sample and depressive ways of thinking. First of all, it is a legend in the front or hands. People affected by depression, of course, use the negative words “sad”, such as single, isolated or upset. But it is not surprising that a significant increase in Pogue power pronounces samarefertyvnyya, who are the first singular person also in “I”, “I”, “I”. It seems to cause the flash or self-determination as a big line, in some cases, negatively saved samapaglynanne.

A man absorbed in his pathetic experience, says Will. In this case, observe the gel focused on all the problems that could be the cause of the symptoms of depression. Also, statements that negatively complement black and white associated with depression, for example, maybe in “grandchildren” as “always”, “always”. Such ways of thinking and feeling may be amplified in many patients, which leads to depression, even more, by logical errors in perception than in perception. While all of the observations can be alarming, there is a clear relationship between certain forms of writing that can make you understand how thinking and reasoning associated with depression.

1. Touch screen mirror

Perhaps one of the most amazing ways to deceive the human brain – it is sinesteziya touch mirror, this bizarre mental disorder akin to excessive empathy, but in a sense, in its own right. The term sinesteziya in the title refers to the fact that the stimulation of one emotion initiates another sensory system. The mirror name indicates that the patient feels palpable. In short, patients will feel or hear what they feel or others hear.

The effect is compared to a phantom limb, but it affects the whole body. If a person with the synthesis of touch in the mirror testifies that a man comprises a third, he will feel his arms and accompany him. If the other person feels a painful condition, the situation may worsen. If someone cuts his container or smaller on the floor, people with this condition will feel a lot of discomforts. In certain circumstances, significant restrictions may result from the situation, causing confusion between life and comfort or discomfort and others. Fortunately, the condition is rare.

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