Top 10 words of extreme comfort

What’s wrong with billing? musicians usually play trybyutnyya who played instruments, in itself an incredible artist, so why should they give up their power to copy someone else? Is it a big compliment, money to eat or just a lack of priority? Google charges for ways to dedicate more than just a strip of cover; In fact, many participants went to the consolation of the fans to be fanatical.

Trybyutnyya of very good groups and their audience to celebrate the love of a particular group. They are motivated by love and not by money. They are also a little thing that sets them apart from many other awards. Here are ten from my group:

recommendations used:

  • 100% charge strip (another cover not too much, the song not original)
  • Active (if I didn’t see the actions he had just performed on them)
  • It’s a joint audience, and no one sings it
  • Musical works (actually, sing and play instruments)
  • It cannot contain members of the original group



2012 update:

People continue to comment on this list after 4 years, I liked writing this list, so I thought I would give it a face. I replaced 2 videos that went to work (Westend Girls in Bjorn And Here) and created a YouTube Tribute Band playlist, where I will continue to collect videos on the fun talent that you have broken into ideas. – tingling.

10. Fan Halen (Van Halen)

So start David Lee Roth … I’m just playing! It looks like David Lee Roth if David Lee Roth had a time machine. The player tries to find him so that he can go back to his good old days. I hope Axl Rose gets it first.

9. The Zeppelin

(“All the girls are all Zeppelin” They make a list because now their turns are touring like crazy. After all, I listen to their stuff, and it’s pretty cool. But more importantly, their names are Hee har Geral!

8. Pink Floyd

They focused on Pink Floyd around 1968-1979 for years. According to their website, use “real clothes and accessories this season and [stay true to group tours” to “build extra confidence for the fans who were there at the time, and to give the new fan a first-time experience hand”. they would have looked and looked like Pink Floyd, but I came to them because they hadn’t been included in the pink stretch style for over twenty years, and the name of their team – fun and honest.

7. BC / DC (AC / DC)

This team, from Canada British Columbia (B.C.), insists that – not to pay taxes, but something really, and that AC / DC – is a fake group / DC from British Columbia. These naughty children! Guitarist in the video above inexperienced karovny dress in the field. It’s weird. (

6.Gabby (Aba / Les Ramones)

They sang Abha songs in the Ramon style. Or the opposite? It is difficult to distinguish the names of the songs from their church: “Queen Surf”, “The Last Takes All”, “Hey Ho Disco”. (

5. Mini kiss (kiss)

At first, I didn’t include this, because their Wikipedia article said they weren’t playing their instruments, but after watching part of the video, I’m sure they are playing. It is clear that between this group and other groups have a competition on the Kiss tribute in a few acts, which makes them even more interesting. (

4. West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys)

Two Swedish women covering the song Pet Shop Boys. Very Europop, fun, but fun. Hmm-mm, like groups, that they simulate? (

3. Beatallica (The Beatles / Metallica)

Songs like “Hey man” and “… to court for all my love”, these guys will not be on the list? Look at them! (

2. The Beatles “The Beatles” (“The Beatles”)

In 1982, “Butlg Beatles” became the first “western rock group to watch the USSR” ( There are many bands for the first time that look like the original, but the story is only one and created! The Beatles’ unpredictable tour of the United States We arrived in London with exactly 20 people in their group – Pan Am 01A on February 7, 1984. By accident?

1. Bjorn Again (by the way)

I started trybetam in 1988, and now I realize that it’s a little bit different from the franchise, which is done all over the world at the same time. According to their website, their group “does not have a” tax “or” copy “label, but we then see it as their group.” However, I always pay tribute to them, if they interpreted the songs Ab, dressing like these Aba, and supposedly according to their original members Ab (originals of Bjorn Volvo-us Anderdery Benny, Agnetha and Frida Longstokin). They won first place on this list for some reasons: longevity (! 20 years and over), arrival at the international airport, dressed in old clothes for a trip to the United Kingdom, one of their songs Church made UK Charts, and the Nirvana group added their learning part of the military. However, they are passing the real version of Cher and Shani Twain.

Honorable speech (unnecessary)
Hayseed Dixie – AC / DC follows AC / DC honors with the country. And it’s up to the owner to put together a great original story, so it’s not worth it.

Iron Maiden – all women, today Iron Maiden. He has not played in a rights-free match since 2007.

Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine – Powered by many rock covers (not only Rage Against Machine), but a style of salty cheese. Magnificent.

Is There No Way Sis (Oasis) – hits the UK with a cover of the oasis “I want to teach world singing” in style. He signed five EMI albums but found no evidence of their existence.

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