Worst in the history of the attacker

Most of us thought that day after day he pretended to be someone else and other sounds, if not impossible. But not everyone. Some people adapt to a new identity as easily as they slip into new shoes. The story is full of scandals that push them to demand seemingly successful new acts that are very different because of money, power or, in some cases, just pleasure.

8. Lord Gordon-Gordon

The real name of King Gordon-Gordon is lost in history, but we know here that he was a British thief in the 19th century, who managed to establish Scottish landowners. He deceived many people, especially one of the wealthiest people in America, the famous railroad magnate Jay Gould.

When, around 1868, a criminal decided to take a respected Scottish man, he was at Glenkarnam in London. With a correct appearance and appropriate behavior, they slowly trust others and persuade them to give him money or credit services. If in 1870 a fraud was opened, Lord Glenkaern disappeared in London and King Gordon-Gordon appeared in America.

He succeeded even more, and these and the Scottish emperor were few. It helped Gordon-Gordon invest my money in tens of thousands of dollars in banking. It was the rest of his British scam, but it quickly gave him credibility.

He came to Minnesota and announced his intention to invest my money in the railroad. So, he met Jay Gould, convinced that much of his work was on the railroad. Wanting to do business together, Gould paid up to half a million dollars for a sign of loyalty – some of which remained in stock. He aznachalasya as collateral – Lord Gordon-Gordon had only to save money, not to spend it. However, when he started selling them, Gould realized it was his thing. The industrialist tried to settle the case, but the “boss” fled to Canada.

This was most likely caused by an international incident where Gould supporters crossed the border, trying to rob Gordon-Gordon, to bring him to justice. They were arrested and imprisoned, American soldiers. They wanted to separate in Canada to achieve national independence.

In Canada, the inspectors are not safe, but the authorities have finally decided to give him a raise. Not wanting to risk being in prison, Lord Gordon-Gordon, August 1, 1874.

7. Wilhelm Voith

October 16, 1906, A German captain arrives at a camp in Berlin and ten soldiers command a train for the town of Koepenick east of the capital. There, the chief gave the mayor and the treasurer wrongly seized funds seizing over 4,000 products from the local treasury as evidence. At first, it looked like a normal wreck in the abyss, but he was right! – “military captain” was just someone, a uniform, in civilian clothes and went to get money.

His name is William Voith. In the late 1950s, he spent half his time as an adult in various prisons. In 1906 he developed a complete business form, purchasing various spare parts from different stores in Berlin. He looked, went to speak like an officer, and that, of course, was enough for the German soldiers. Punishing them, he carried out his orders, even the sergeant, who allowed his people to go to Voith.

He was arrested 10 days after being published abroad and sentenced to four years in prison. However, unlike many other people, Voigts entertained audiences in the German Empire and beyond. He is best known as a national hero as a villain, and the Kaiser Wilhelm II was released from him in two years.

Voith loved to take advantage of their new fame and began performing in theaters, restaurants, amusement parks and anywhere when it was presented. Decades later, the commemorative element even became the title of the play “Captain Kapenik”.

6. John Deydras

One count, in 1318, a man winning the other entered Beaumont Palace in Oxford and said that Edward Edward II. And therefore because of the legitimate king of England.

The man’s name was John Deydrasam, sometimes called John Puderham, and all we know is his past – it’s something he worked as a clerk and, perhaps, he was the son of a bookie. According to his story, he could not have been the son of Edward I, better known as Edward Longshanks. However, at the age of an ear, a baby pig chick while playing in the castle courtyard. Fearing that he would be severely punished for negligence, and keeping the position of another boy in the ultimately English village, Edward II.

Of course, at Deydrasa, there was no evidence that this was wild news, and modern historians believe that the man was a probably mentally disturbed Jew, since the most important case is condemnation to death. However, Edward II had to celebrate Deydrasa and considering that the question that we did not take seriously, the Lord, perhaps asking for sympathy for the man, kept him as a freelance writer.

Unfortunately, Deydras was born at the wrong time because of his little waterfall. Then Edward had his unpopular military failure against the Scots led by Robert the Bruce. Also, Deydrash “definitively became” the father, the woman and the queen Isabelle, and wanted to leave then. Not surprisingly, since then, they haven’t gotten anything from Fran Wolf.

As a result, Deydras was arrested and tortured. He admitted that everything was wrong, and they said he made the cat a real Demoman. And the man and the cat were killed.

5. Casey Chadwick

Elizabeth Begley was a 19th-century Canadian fraud, where she was hospitalized with loggerheads and even inappropriate youth. He will start with a bloody baby, before settling in the United States, where he will be clairvoyant in several cities. He remarried twice, each under different pretenses, but the marriage did not last long, and finally, in 1889, Bigley was sentenced to nine hundred years in prison for lying.

In 1893, he was deported and settled in Cleveland, taking the name of Casey Hoover. A few years later, it was Casey Chadwick after his remarriage, this time we went to the rich and respected doctor Leroy Chadwick. This new relationship gave Casey access to some of the wealthiest and most influential people in Ohio, and Chadwick began his adultery on a large scale with the unwitting help of her husband’s friends.

In 1897, he went on a trip to New York. When they met the leader, Dr. Chadwick’s lawyer James Dylon. Casey asked us to accompany him to command, and the man ordered him. They were traveling along Fifth Avenue and stopped in front of some of the most prestigious buildings in the city. It was while going out with Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest men in the world. Chadwick intervened until Dyllon waited for the cart, confused as it could be.

Everything he did in Chadwick, he had to ask him to speak in the main house as it is alleged that they were examining the maid certificate they wanted to rent. She had never met Carnegie, but everyone needed to spent time with her.

When he left, Dyllon questioned his business. Chadwick admitted that Andrew Carnegie’s teenage daughter had even shown debts to some lawyers (apparently fraudulently) in the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars, noting that she had made him a million dollars. Dylan came to take the oath, even though they knew very well that the lawyer would tell you everything in Ohio.

If his story happened, Chadwick easily brought a huge loan to the river where he went. It is suggested that no one would be considered one of the brightest to question Carnegie his tree daughter, and he was right … for a while. Chadwick continued his disappointment for seven years. Then, in 1904, the owner forced him to repay a debt of about $ 200,000. He, therefore, could not be interviewed by Carnegie, who said that he did not know who Casey Chadwick was. He was charged with fraud later a few years later and died in prison.

For Andrew Carnegie, we are making a full video on our sister channel Biographics, so check the link in the description for more.

4. Lambert Simnel

The death of King Edward IV in 1483 led to one of the most enduring events in the history of England – the fate of his two sons, the so-called princes. At the age of 12 and 9, they were placed in the Tower of London, with Uncle Richard Richard, Emperor Gloucester taking the throne and becoming King Richard III. Two years later, he was killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field, ending not only his reign but the War of the Roses at York House. Henry VII ka, the first king of the Tudor house, came to him.

As for the two officers, it was then admitted that two had been killed by the tower, but some people claimed to be also one of the communities, therefore the real heirs.

One of these people was Mrs. Lambert Simnel, who, in the interest, not only of a respected person, also mentioned two different successors. The boy Simnel was under the tutelage of the priest Richard by Simon was convinced that his disciple came from royal rights. At first, he said that the boy, Richard of Shrewsbury, the younger brother of the two officers, had survived his tower jail. He later overturned his claim by saying that Simnel was Edward Plantagenet, Earl of Warwick, another member of the House House in York, arrested by King Henry VII when he was a boy.

Unbeknownst to most people, including Simon Edward Plantagenet still lived in the Tower of London for over a decade until they were murdered. However, Simon’s words had been convincing enough for him to take Lambert Simnel to Ireland when the anointed King Edward VI continued. The two groups met during the Battle of Stoke Field in 1487, where the supporters of Simnel were definitively defeated.

Fortunately for him, King Henry realized that the boy – a doll that people used for supporters of the Yarkistav rally. Simnel, therefore, forgave him and allowed him to work in the royal kitchen. Growing up, it was the Olympic Games before disappearing from history.

3. Fred Demara

Fred Demara was known as the “Big Imposter City,” which because most of his life has many faces and pretends to be someone else. A naval surgeon performed medical procedures during the Korean War.

It will not surprise you to know that we do not know a lot of specific information about the shooting of life, because most of the details concern him, given Demaray after having sold his article in Life magazine. Ferdinand Waldo Demara is born in 1921 in Lavrentsyi, Massachusetts. He would have a very high IQ and photographic memory, which helped him to acquire a master’s degree which often required higher education. and her family started to get rich but lost everything during the Great Depression, which is sure that Demara’s baby fled from his home and started his life as a professional fraudster.

It seems that two traces of the most famous work as military monks by Demaru. Throughout his life, he associated himself with several nuns and military offices, but never more than a few years before fleeing and starting again.

When Demara joined the uneducated group known as the Brotherhood of the Christian Order, he met a Canadian doctor named Joseph Cyrus. He later received Cyrus certification and protected the torture of mail by a surgeon aboard the Canadian destroyer HMCS Cayuga during the Korean War. He was the only person who had managed to sew, have had minor surgery, and if he had even been shot in the chest.

After the late 1950s, Demara became less known, discovering who became the new identity. Instead, he tried to live as Fred Demara and prove on his newly created television several television shows and even play the same role in the horror film “The Addictive Eyes of the 1960s.”

2. George Psalmanazar

George Psalmanazar – the only known French alias, believed to be from Formosa, who blinded and terrorized 18th century London mythology in his homeland.

The man was born around 1679 in the south of France. During his visit to Europe, he took the form of an Irish pilgrim. However, people often say that he was sleeping, so he decided that they needed something more exotic. He then pretended to be Japanese to foreigners, but then moved to something more distant, saying that he had returned to the island of Formosa, which is now known as Taiwan. He even started to force a person to do strange rituals to use unknown food, which was enough to convince most Europeans, it was far, far away. On his way, he met a Scottish pastor named Alexander Ines, who “then translated” into Christianity, was baptized by George Psalmanazar and brought to London.

This strange story is a popular crime in England. He said he was kidnapped by Jesuits from his homeland and then imprisoned for refusing to convert to Catholicism. It is well played in a world where saying anti-Catholic words was great, only the word took psalmazar anglikanizmu.

In 1704 Formasan wrote and published a book called “Historical Description of Formosa, an Island that is under the Emperor of Japan”. to other nations. It contained false language, calendar illusions and false religious practices, which was a religious search for the sun and the moon.

So far, the most shocking statements have the spirituality and the human sacrifice of Psalmanazar. According to the high priest Formosan Gnotoya Bonzi who kills 18,000 boys under the age of 9 every year, their hearts are victims. Other bodily matters were consumed there. To provide continued assistance so that children, men can carry as many women as you want.

Of course, the Formosa charm only lasted a few years before people went on to the next one madly. It is, after all, forced Psalmanazar to admit that everything was a fraud, but because of his deception, this had serious consequences. He came to the fans, especially the sportsman Samuel Johnson who appreciated his success as a false god.

1. Dmitry False

The end of the 16th century provoked the slave crisis in Russia, known as the time of suffering. It started in 1598 after Theodore died without heirs. This led to the emergence of several pretenders to the throne, who had never been lied to Dmitri, as they claimed to be the same known person – Prince Dmitry Ivanovich, the youngest Ivan the Evil.

This Dmitry died in 1591 at the age of 8. He died of a knife injury – some say he was killed, others say the young prince accidentally stabbed himself in the attack. there was a third floor in a few years, which says that the killer would have killed another boy, but the real Dmitriy was hidden, waiting for the time to return. This version opened the door for people to stand on the legal heirs of the throne.

The first false Dmitri appeared in the world 1603 in Poland and Lithuania. He was the most successful Word in our group. He got the support of the Polish captains and we had a lot of Russian supporters. He raised an army and challenged Tsar Boris Godunov, but it was not necessary. Godunov died of the disease in 1605. His teenage son Feodor II became the new emperor, but it was only a few months before he was assassinated and succeeded by Dmitry.

Dmitry False Reigns Due to the explosion for about a year, but it killed enemies. One of them was SHUISKI. Influencing the people of Moscow, Dmitry planned to spread his Polish supporters. They took and killed fences, Dmitry and, according to legend, his body and ashes from a cannon to Poland.

Shui became the ruler of Basil IV. In 1607 came the fake Dmitry II, which Marina the Queen, the wife of the first Dmitry Lies, took for granted, the Dmitry, who had to accept the fact that the man would return his power to him. It was a large army and had several combat successes, but was killed in 1610 when one was drunk and several of his supporters.

Finally came the fake Dmitri III. The Cossacks received a surrender and a group realized that they had been kidnapped from him, and he took him to Moscow in 1612, where he was executed. The problem, like the Dmitri line of lies, faded a year later, and Michael became the new emperor of Russia, beginning his 300-year reign of the House of Rome.

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